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THE STONE THAT BURNS  “Video Game” Music Video [MV]
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THE STONE THAT BURNS “Video Game” Music Video [MV]

Uploaded on Feb 17


Photo Above: live @ Club Agit, Hiroshima, JAPAN 07/03/2016


ナカハマ カナエ(Vo&Key)、アベ ヒロキ(Gt)、ジョディ キャンベル (Dr) 


Kanae Nakahama: vocals, synthesizers
Hiroki Abe: guitar, backing vocals
Jodie Campbell: drums, samples

Supporting member:
Tsuyoshi Oota: bass, backing vocals

THE STONE THAT BURNS, or TSTB, are based in Kyoto, JAPAN, and are a simple, rhythmic-based band with soothing vocals, a dry guitar sound, flowing synthesizers, steady bass, and solid drums all blended together. Vocalist and synthesizers (Kanae) spent the 90s in the United States of America and was affected by hip-hop and grunge music. Her melody lines and harmonies, and the world she creates, are close to trip-hop and dance-pop. By blending all of these musical genres, TSTB‘s personality stands out and creates a unique and alternative sound.

TSTB History: Kanae and Hiroki met when they were high school students each playing in a different band in Kyoto. In 2011, after those bands broke up, Kanae and Hiroki made their first band called ‘The Hypes’ with Kanae on bass and Hiroki on guitar (they also had a drummer). In 2012, they changed the band name to ‘The Stone That Burns’ and Kanae became the lead vocalist and synthesizer player. The Stone That Burns made their first demo with 2 songs: I Saw You Naked & Inception Box in 2012. Around that same time, Hiroki and Jodie met and played in another band in Kyoto. Then the original The Stone That Burns drummer quit in 2014, and Hiroki asked Jodie if he wanted to play in TSTB (an acronym Jodie first used), and Jodie then joined TSTB in late 2014. After that, around May of 2015, Tsuyoshi, who was a friend-of-a-friend of Kanae and Hiroki, joined TSTB on bass and backing vocals as a supporting member.

TSTB Name: The band name comes from a book by Williams Haynes called ‘Brimstone, The Stone That Burns: The Story of the Frasch Sulphur Industry’ (Kanae bought the book and liked the name).

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