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THE STONE THAT BURNS  “Video Game” Music Video [MV]
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THE STONE THAT BURNS “Video Game” Music Video [MV]

Uploaded on Feb 17

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新しいMV『Video Game』が公開されました!!

New MV『Video Game』公開

This is our new video for the song, “Video Game”, from our 3rd EP, which will be released sometime in the spring/summer of 2017. Kanae made the video by piecing together video snips that she took of the band at a gig we had at Club Vijon in Osaka, JAPAN. You’ll notice a special guest in the video, Matsufuji San (Mr. Matsufuji), who is the owner of Club Vijon. Thanks a lot to Matsufuji San and Club Vijon.

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Feb 17
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